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Helping Individuals and Couples Overcome Financial Stress and Master Their Money

My mission is to empower families with the tools they need to feel confident about their finances, become financially independent, enjoy their money, and live the life they’ve always wanted.

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Dream it. Achieve it.

Tired Of Arguing?

Learn to have healthy conversations about money and begin setting financial goals together.

Is Debt Overwhelming?

Learn new strategies to pay off debt so you can live a debt-free life moving forward.

Where’s The Money Going?

Learn to follow a spending plan that will help you track your expenses.

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Does Thinking About Money
Stress You Out?

Learn the tools you need to feel confident about how you handle your money.

Financial Coaching

We partner alongside your family to create a rainy day fund and a spending plan. We help you eliminate debt one debt at a time!

Financial Support

Whether an individual or a couple, make your goals of traveling, saving for the future, and making big financial decisions a reality with Family Finances Redesigned.

Individual & Couples Coaching

Want To Do More With Your Money?

Is financial coaching right for you? Are we a good fit? Let’s chat to find out or choose the program that is right for you and learn how to make your money work for you.