3 Myths Busted About Hiring a Financial Coach

Hiring a Financial Coach


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While most people would benefit from hiring a Financial Coach, there are often negative emotions associated with seeking financial guidance.  Finances are an incredibly personal, uncomfortable topic for many.  I understand why you might hesitate to hire someone to help you. 

I have been where you are, and I am not here to tell you how to live or make you feel bad about your financial decisions.  All I want for my clients is to live life the way they want to, not controlled by bills or a job that takes up all of your time and energy.  

I want to disprove some myths associated with hiring a Financial Coach so that you can live the life of your dreams by reaching out for the help that you need.

Myth #1 You Will Be Judged

I have been exactly where you are; emotionally spending money, working overtime to pay my bills. I even lost my house and my car. We all make mistakes, and I am not going to make you feel bad about yourself.

Our coaching sessions are a judgment-free space.  Guilt and other emotions are often tied to financial stress, and an essential aspect of coaching is to help you mend your relationship with money.  This is a time for you to take your power back and even have fun learning all of these valuable skills. 

My clients often become my dear friends; I am not here to scold or punish you.  I help improve your money habits while giving you the support to change your financial future.  My goal is to remove the stress from your life, not add to it.  Think of me as your accountability partner who only wants what is best for you and your family.

I love watching my clients learn new money habits and gain confidence.  These are the tools you can use for a lifetime to avoid ever feeling financially stressed again.

Myth #2 If You Are on a Budget, You Can’t Spend Money

Budgets shouldn’t feel restrictive. Budgeting makes room for you to spend money on essential items, rather than mindlessly spending and coming up short, stressing to pay your bills.  When you are clear on what you want to spend your money on, you can understand how to plan your spending.  I believe you can still have fun and enjoy life while paying off debt.

A budget is created to take control over your money and give you the structure to get away from bad spending habits.  Spending money is similar to living a healthy lifestyle.  If you track what you are eating and how frequently you are working out, you will be aware of your actions and the more influence you will have over them. Mindfulness and intention are two critical factors in taking control over any habit. 

The more control you have over your finances, the less you will have to work.  Can you imagine living life on your terms?  Take vacations when you want to, and be there for your family in every stage of life.  A budget will make every dime that you earn worth something.  Life balance starts with money management.  

Myth #3 It’s Just Another Expense that I Can’t Afford

If you’re already stressed about money, spending money on a Financial Coach might seem like an intimidating commitment.  My coaching services will save you money in the long run.  This is an investment for your financial future and your family’s future. 

The tools you learn will help you save money for the rest of your life.  Taking control over your finances will shift everything.  You will learn how to handle your money, pay off and avoid debt, and communicate with your family about important issues.  Passing on your financial legacy will benefit your children and help them to have a healthy relationship with money. 

How can I help you? Do you want to pay off debt? Do you need help building a financial plan and budget to stay on track? I offer multiple services that will take you from financial frustration to financial freedom. Sign up for your free consultation today!

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