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Improve Your Family Finances

Latest News & Updates

Improve Your Family Finances

Feature Article

Your Success Magazine: Feature Article

I am so excited to share my feature in the Your Success Magazine- a publication for entrepreneurs and business professionals. The theme is turning a challenging 2020 into an optimistic…
People don't talk about money

5 Reasons People Don’t Talk About Money

People don’t openly talk about money or finances. The school system leaves it out of the curriculum, and most parents avoid bringing the subject up in front of their kids.…

The Intimacy Truths Podcast with Cyndia Rivera

I recently joined Stephanie Sylvia on the Intimacy Truths Podcast to discuss the uncomfortable financial conversations people avoid.  I explain how my husband and I ruined our credit by falling…
Life Lessons

3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned on My Fitness Journey

Fitness and finances affect us in similar ways. Each is heavily influenced by mentality rather than capability. Anyone can have excellent credit, a healthy routine, and money in the bank.…

Credit Score Training

Are you tired of being denied for lines of credit? Are you sick of high-interest rates? Are you ready to boost your credit score? In this Credit Score Training, I…
How to stop shopping

How to STAY Organized: Stop Shopping

The following is a blog post from Alicia Kaye’s Blog that I collaborated on: When I organize a space for someone, I am always thinking about maintenance. How easy is…

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