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Working with Cyndia to get our finances under control was a GREAT decision! Hubby and I are now on track to becoming debt free real soon. Thus far over 4 months we have 4 credit cards payed off plus a truck payed off 1 year early due to Cyndia's program. Letting someone else in on our personal money concerns was a decision that took years. For years we read books, articles, and searched the web for tips, tricks, and ways to budget our money and try and get our finances under control, all to no avail. Sure we would get a little momentum here and there but it never really stuck. Until Now! All the tools and knowledge that we have gained through working with Cyndia has been life changing. With what we've learned Hubby and I now budget our money with much ease and a lot less stress. I would HIGHLY recommend utilizing Cyndia's financial coaching program. Not only is it effective but also Cyndia is truly a pleasure to work with. She has a great go get em' attitude, very personable, and encouraging. She definitely wants you to succeed in beating debts butt and regaining control of your finances. She is in your corner 150% and it shows.

Primo & Betsabe Manicini, Project Manager & Cake Decorator

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Clermont, FL

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