What Would It Be Like If You

Didn’t Stress About Finances?

What Would It Be Like If You

Didn’t Stress About Finances?

What does financial freedom mean to you?

Do you and your partner constantly fight about finances? Are you awake all night stressing about your overdue bills? Does your paycheck disappear within days of the deposit? 

Many emotions accompany frustration around money, often affecting your mental health and even your relationships. My mission is to empower families with the tools they need to enjoy their money and live the life they’ve always wanted.

It’s never too late to start building your finances and future.

I improved my financial situation with skills that I continue to work on every day. You don’t have to feel anxious and fearful anymore. You can trust me to help navigate you through your finances and all of the intense emotions that come with them. Getting control over your finances changes your entire life and mindset; it makes you healthier in every way and excited for the future.

Do you need support discussing stressful matters with your partner? Do you need help creating a family budget? As your financial coach, I will guide you to attaining a life of freedom and mental peace.


From Financial Frustration to Financial Freedom

An effective financial plan comes from a profound analysis of your goals. We examine your income, expenses, and spending habits. We work out a realistic financial strategy and family budget that is cohesive with your life. I give you the tools to communicate with your family about money without negative emotions. If you want clarification on your financial goals and habits for your continued success, this is the session for you.

This financial coaching session will answer all of your questions regarding Finances:


  • How do I pay off debt? 
  • What is a financial plan?
  • How do I start an emergency fund?
  • Where does all of my money go?
  • Do I have to give up everything that I enjoy?

What’s Included

  • 2 hour 1:1 virtual session
  • Analysis of spending habits and financial goals
  • One week full access email communication
  • Personalized accountability and support while you adjust
  • Questionnaire and worksheet exercises
  • Education on how to create a financial safety net
  • Custom Financial Roadmap
  • One month follow-up

Redesigned Credit Improvement Coaching

Many financial problems stem from misinformation or lack of understanding. If you are considering buying a home, your credit is significant. Credit Repair Companies complete the same tasks that you can do for yourself. They usually have hidden fees and can be incredibly overwhelming. My financial coaching session gives you the exact steps to improve your credit score, continuing to be relevant whenever you need it.

This financial coaching session will answer all of the questions regarding Credit:

  • What is a credit report, and what does it include?
  • How do I read my credit report?
  • What do lenders look for when analyzing my report?
  • Are credit score apps accurate?
  • How do I build and improve my credit?

What’s Included

  • 45 minute 1:1 virtual session
  • Credit Report Education
  • Word-for-word Templates for emailing creditors, debt collectors, and credit bureaus companies
  • Exact scripts for negotiating debt
  • Expert opinion on which accounts are the most crucial to settle
  • Tips to continue to build good credit
  • Confidence that you can do it

Client Love

Build Your Confidence Around Money

Dream It. Achieve It.

Family Finances Redesigned is the answer to all of your financial dilemmas.  If you want to do more activities that you love and have more family time, I am the financial coach for you!

Client Love

Do you want your money to work for you rather than against you?

Then financial coaching is right for you! Schedule your complimentary consultation to find the perfect program for your financial needs.