Simple Back to School Budget Tips




Yes I know, it’s only the middle of July, but in about a month from today well at least in Florida, school will be starting up again. Have you thought about back to school shopping yet? Trust me, I’m avoiding the thought of it as much as you are. Why? Because back to school shopping is so EXPENSIVE! From the notebooks, the new clothes, and don’t get me started on those Jansport backpacks. But there are ways to set your children up for success while keeping your budget in check. Check out these tips below:

Plan Ahead for Tax-Free Weekend

This year, the tax-free weekend (in Florida) is August 2-August 4. I like to think of it as the school system’s Black Friday. It doesn’t get as hectic as Black Friday, but lots of parents are eager to get good deals. Decide exactly what you’re going to buy and have a game plan. That way you are in and out of the store in no time.

Shop at Office Supply Stores, Grocery Stores, and Dollar Stores

If you’re wondering if your child needs a $5 Pilot G2 pen, the answer is probably a no. How about the sparkly $3 notebook with all the Disney Princesses? I don’t think so. There are certain items like notebooks and pens that you don’t need to spend extravagant money on. Instead, spend the extra money on supplies that need to last, especially for your older kids. Besides, they’ll end up losing pens and notebooks throughout the school year anyways. Might as well save yourself the trouble!

Sign Up for Store Emails

More emails to declutter? Absolutely. Stores will be sending special deals and coupons for back to school shopping. Use that to your advantage! Don’t worry once the school year starts simply unsubscribe from them all.

You Don’t Have to be the Super Parent!

Here’s the thing—you and I both know that the best deals come after the back to school shopping season. If you don’t get everything your child needs on that (shockingly-long) supply list, then that’s OK! Get the essentials first and then purchase other items afterward. In the meantime, there are items you can reuse or thrift from last year’s school year.

Need to Go Back to School on Finances?

If you have little ones, back to school shopping can be simple and fun. But as your kids get older, things get more complicated. Laptops become necessities, extracurricular become hundreds of dollars (shout out to all my band moms!), and college tuition doesn’t pay for itself. If you’re seeking a financial coach near you to sort out expenses, then call today for a free consultation. I’d love to help set you up for success this school year. Happy shopping!

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